MARTIN was named in honor of our patron saint, Martin of Tours. The name is also an acronym for “Medieval And Renaissance Troupe of Itinerant Novices.”

The association was founded at TEMA in October 2015 for the purpose of facilitating interdisciplinary exchange amongst students at Texas Tech University interested in and/or pursuing Medieval and Renaissance degrees.



President: Sarah J. Sprouse

Vice President: Alexis Milmine

Secretary/Treasurer: Devin Fields

SORC Representative: Joshua Logsdon

Official Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to foster interdisciplinary discussion, research, and collaboration amongst the graduate and undergraduate students of the departments that contribute to the MRSC as well as support student engagement within the wider academic community. MARTIN fulfills this purpose through such activities including, but not limited to, reading groups, social events, feasts, and conference transportation.

Interested in Joining Us?

Contact Sarah J. Sprouse at sarah.sprouse@ttu.edu